5 Reasons to Have Exergaming as a Social Activity at Your Next Event

If you’ve never heard of Exergame, you’re missing out. It’s the perfect social activity to have at any event, whether you’re hosting something for kids, teens, or adults alike.

Exergaming combines two things for people–games and exercise. And maybe the word “exercise” turns you off a bit because you’re not sure how people would feel about it, but this isn’t your regular type of workout.

Technology is a part of our world now, while some people are fighting technology and complaining about it, Exergaming decided to use it in their favor.

Exergaming inspires physical activity through a game experience. Their physical activity is through the most cutting-edge technology. One of their greatest inventions is the iWall. The iWall is an interactive and fun active video console.

There are 2 screens that go on the wall, and the players stand in front of it, but instead of playing with a controller, they’re the characters. It’s like they’re going through a virtual world, and it involves jumping, bending, and even striking a couple poses. But no one thinks of it as exercise because it’s so entertaining.

Here are 5 reasons why Exergaming and iWall are the perfect thing to get for your event.

  1. Plain and simple: it’s fun

Everyone loves to have fun, so when they use the iWall, they’re going to love your event because that’s exactly what it is. Your event is made more memorable when people enjoy what they do. The iWall will make people laugh and smile. That’s a guarantee.

  1. It’s competitive

Everyone loves a little competition, and if you want people talk, this will get them to do that. These even forces strangers to communicate and get to know each other because they’ll be competing. It’s easier to get to know someone when you don’t actually have to have a real conversation, but a shared experience. That’ll get them talking after, too.

  1. It’s memorable

The thing about the iWall is that it’s different, and when something is different, it’s memorable. It’s hard to forget an event that gives you something unique that you actually enjoyed. If you want you, your company, and your event to linger in people’s minds, iWall will do that.

  1. They’ll want to come back

Because your event was so memorable, the people that attended are going to go back again next year (or however often you do the event.) You’re making a loyal customer/audience because of what you have in store for them, and they don’t mind going back for more.

  1. Free marketing

When you enjoy something, the first thing you do is tell someone about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your friend, or if you put it out on social media, but you share it. The people who enjoyed iWall are going to tell whoever they know, and that person will want to go to your event, too. Free promotion!

Give us a try! Considering the unique experience, the iWall offers, everyone will want to try it out. Exergame will add an extra flair to your event, and people will talk about it for months afterward.

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